iOS 7 and other Apple Annoucements…

iOS 7…

Yes I’m testing it, what do I think so far?

Thinks that make you go hmmmmmmmmm…….


This is a quick 2 minute clip called UP!

This was done for an online video contest on our forum.

SK450 RaptorCopter – Afternoon Joyright Flight Onboard Video

Took the RaptorCopter out on the oval yesterday afternoon and got some much better video and better flying.

The Wingman HD camera performed better with some more foam and better mounting under the battery.

Lots of good flying too, getting the hang of this thing now. About to switch to bigger 10 inch props to increase lift and performance and hopefully decrease battery usage.

SK450 RaptorCopter – Morning Flight Onboard Video

Took the RaptorCopter out this morning on the oval and attached my new HobbyKing Wingman HD 720p camera for some great onboard video.

It even fell off once and didn’t damage at all, watch the video it looks great!

Sorry about the vibration and jello effect, this was my first time using this camera and I already fitted some anti-vibration foam and better shielding to make it much better in a video I took this afternoon and editing now.

SK450 RaptorCopter – First Full Morning Oval Flight

This is my first decent flight with the RaptorCopter after I got the Naza-M+GPS flight controller dialled in and tuned.

Was lots of fun!

SK450 RaptorCopter – Return To Home GPS Failsafe Feature Test

Did some test flights on the oval this afternoon, this is a snippet of the total video I’m working on now that demonstrates the Naza-M+GPS flight controller’s Return To Home Failsafe feature (RTH).

For those who don’t know Naza, the RTH failsafe feature is a failsafe that can be triggered by your transmitter or if the receiver loses signal or goes out of range.

When RTH is activated your quad will increase altitude to 20m and then wait a short period before making it’s way back to your initial takeoff home position where it will stop and hover again for a short period before decending to 10m then to 1m then lands and shuts off.

Very handy feature to have, get into trouble and either flip the failsafe switch or turn off your radio.

rcv1-1 rcv1-2 rcv1-3

SK450 RaptorCopter V2 Initial Nightime Test Flight

Finally took the RaptorCopter out for a test flight after fitting the new wide-frame mod and installing all the LED’s and other accessories.

Flew not too bad but flipped a couple of times as the flight controller was too sensitive for the new frame.


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